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שבורי לב

The Challenge of Avraham Fried: Shvurei Lev by Hanan Ben Ari

The musical challenge that everyone is talking about has been performed. “I first met Hanan Ben Ari four years ago,” says Avraham Fried. “Friends suggested I host him at my summer show at the Sultan’s Pool. We did not need more than a few moments to feel the connection between our souls. “, His songs and performance often brings me to tears. Since then, I was happy for every opportunity I had, to host him again. The energies he brings with him to the stage, carries away the entire audience around him.” “A few days ago I received a gifted video that Hanan has a dream, that I will perform his song ‘Shvurei Lev‘. He said there, that when he wrote and composed the song, he imagined that one day I would perform it…

The musical production for this performance of “Shvurei Lev“, was created as always by Fried’s musical director, Yuval Stuppel.