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Joey Newcomb - How Aw Ya Reb Yid

Joey Newcomb – How Aw Ya Reb Yid! [OFFICIAL ALBUM SAMPLER]

To my fellow yid. This album has been a long journey of trying to express inspiration. I daven that you hear the depth and find the chizuk that’s there. This album isn’t just a collection of songs, but of messages- a smile and hand extended to all sorts of Yidden, in all sorts of situations. These songs are reactions, sometimes to hearing a dvar Torah, other times to seeing a holy site or experiencing a moment of my own. I never sat down to write a song, but rather tried to grasp and hold on to the song that flowed from within me. I hope we caught some of that light and that you, heilige reb yid, find it too. Lechaim! How aw ya ova there!


Performed by: Joey Newcomb
Produced By: Doni Gross Productions
Arranged and Mixed by: Doni Gross
Recorded at: DeG Studios, NYC
Corporate Sponsor: Thank You Hashem –
Graphics by: Thinkink Creations