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Gideon Levine - Hoshana

Gideon Levine Releases A New Single For Hoshana Raba “Hoshana”

הושענא והושיעה נא, למען חייך מכרכר בשיר אבינו אתה, המלמד תורה בכל כלי שיר

About 15 years ago, singer and producer Gideon Levine was approached by a young composer Rabbi Yaakov Feingold to listen to his songs and help him sell them. One song in particular stuck out to Gideon, and he asked then and there if he could use it for himself. Gideon then approached a very young Ruvi Banet to arrange the song, and as always, he surprised Gideon in the best away. The song was fast with various instruments since the song talks about different “Klei Shir.”

And then the years went by. Gideon was busy with many projects and shows and the song was forgotten about… Until two days ago. After receiving a call out of the blue from the composer, Gideon remembered that the words and message of the song was perfect for Hoshana Raba. In addition, “Shmini Atzeres” happens to be his fathers “Yortziet.” So Gideon found the recording, locked him self in the studio to touch it up and then Mixed it , and now we are proud to present it to you for this very special day of Hoshana Raba.
.לעילוי נשמת הרב ישעי-ה ב”ר מנשה זצ”ל זי”ע, נלב”ע בירושלים, ביום שמחת תורה, כ”ב תשרי תשע”א

Song Composed By: Rabbi Yaakov Feingold
Music Arranged By Ruvi Banet
Recorded Mixed & Mastered @ GYL Studio Brooklyn NY