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Asher Scharf Re-releases All Of His Albums For Digital Purchase

Asher Scharf renowned Singer/Chazzan/Baal Tefiloh and Jewish radio host in Monsey NY, has reissued his popular albums for streaming and downloading, The album “Kavey” features the hits, Kavey El Hashem and Yom Shabosson, which were major hits in the early 90′s and every song is different than the other, and is accompanied by the Tzlil V’zemer boys choir.

Show us the Light” features the super hit, the title track and songs like Ulsakain, and the mystical song Lokail Asher Shovas.

Hashomer Shabbos” features the mega hit Hashomer Shabbos which is sung at Shabbos tables by young and old worldwide, and so is, Yom Zeh Michubod, it also includes 2 songs of hope faith. Bitchu Bashem, and Nafsheinu Chiksu. Every album has songs that are easy to sing for every age group.

Asher Scharf‘s album are available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and Spotify.