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Avraham Fried & Naftali Kempeh - Ashreichem

Avraham Fried & Naftali Kempeh In A Duet – Ashreichem

In honor of the Siyum of the completion of the daily learning cycle of the Rambam Yomi and the beginning of the new cycle, a new song was released, this time in a different format and under strictly enforced Corona’s restrictions.

The song “Ashreichem Talmedie Chachamim,” is performed by singers Avraham Fried and Naftali Kempeh, who co-performed on the occasion of the important event, which takes place once every three years, in which tens of thousands of students in Israel and around the world complete the order of study of the Mishneh Torah L’Rambam.

The song will accompany the increased activity currently taking place by the “Keter Torah” organization – a global enterprise for daily study in Mishneh Torah L’Rambam.

Composer: Eli Klein
Adaptation: Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry