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Yosef Daniel - Lost In You

Yosef Daniel Releases New Single “LOST IN YOU”

Yosef Daniel fires it up again! An exemplary piece of art created and produced by Jason Goldglancz of GoldRecordsLLC. Freddie Fabian of Eph-Jay Music enhances the beauty of it in the editing, mixing and mastering!  Lyrically, the track speaks from a personal stand point for Yosef Daniel.  Although based on a shiur on David HaMelech by Rabbi Eli J. Mansour, the song is intimate to Yosef Daniel‘s yiddishkite.  Like most of us, the lyrics express a sense of gratitude for HaShem’s intense effort in reaching us and choosing us.  The Torah and Mitzvot are a daily gift for us all, FFBs, Baal Tshuvas and Geerim Tzadikim alike.
HaShem reminds us through every Mitzvah that’s we should always remember how He took us out and continues to rescue us.  This is why we always say, Zecher Litziat Mitzrayim…because He found us.  As we climb up to our momentous Chag Shavuot this 5780 may we get lost in HaShem and never look back.