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NEW! MIAMI YAVO ACAPELLA ALBUM Produced, Directed & Composed by Yerachmiel Begun

For the first time ever a major Miami hit album from the past is released in acapella form. Yavo has in it songs that can uplift and inspire us in these difficult times. including
Maim Hashem – We Turn to You”, “Galeh”, “Esa Ainai”, “Ayom V’nora”, “Azor Nu” and of course “Yavo”. The amazing choir sound, intricate harmonies and unreal solos can now be really heard, and in a totally new way. Meticulous editing and mastering was done to give this an amazing full sound, and a ‘first time ever’ listening experience.

Only the vocals from the original album were used. No additional vocals mimicking sounds of instruments. Thus keeping to the spirit of the Halacha of the Omer. Additionally, it hearkens back to the days of purer times; which we all can use in today’s new world.

Notable soloists: Yoshi Bender, Yair Kenig, David Herskowitz
Running Time: 45 minutes

Available now on May 1
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