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Yaakov Shwekey - M’Sinai Ba

Yaakov Shwekey “M’Sinai Ba” A New Single In Honor of His Daughter Marriage

Ahead of his daughter’s wedding tomorrow, Shwekey is releasing a new single “M’Sinai Ba.”
Shwekey was exposed to words by chance about 4 years ago in a Rashi named Machilta in parshas Yisro (This week)
“That the Shechinah came out to them as a chattan coming out for a kallah, and that is what Hashem said from Sinai came and was not told Sinai came.”

Composed by Yitzy Waldner and Yaakov Shwekey
Musical Production: Tamir Tzur

At the end of the month, Shwekey returns to a warm winter show at the Jerusalem Arena, and will host Kobi Peretz and other surprises.