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Gad Elbaz - Yoter Chazak

Gad Elbaz – Yoter Chazak (Lyrics Video)

Gad Elbaz, one of the greatest Jewish music Singers, released a new heartfelt single – “Yoter Chazak

Elbaz has been performing continuously in the past twenty years, singing his inspirational songs in Israel and around the world. Since then Elbaz has released dozens of singles that amount to millions of hits on YouTube and other media outlets. Gad has collaborated with Jewish music’s top Artists, both in Israel and around the world, such as the rapper Subliminal, Ishay Ribo, Shlomi Shabbat and others.
Gad‘s songs range from soul music and ballads to R&B and pop with authentic middle eastern beats and flare.
Gad Elbaz is best known known for his Single “Hashem Melech” and for changing the face of Jewish music, as his songs inspire and influence Jews and Christians all over the world. Gad has over 95 Million hits on his YouTube page and over 80,000 followers.
Currently Gad is working on a new original and personal Israeli album, and a mainstream album as well.
His mainstream album is in collaboration with world renowned producer Rudy Perez, who produced artist like Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Mark Anthony, Michael Bolton and others.
Other then his musical career, Gad invests his time as a presenter of two successful businesses:
Shiloh Wineries – a private label of high-end wines with renowned wine maker Amichai Loria.
Luxury Judaica – a line of highend Judaica products and articles with famous artist David Rothman. Gad’s new line includes an exclusive collection of Yarmulkes, Prayer sholes, Mezuzot and Tefilin bags.

Enjoy this great new single – Stronger!

Gad Elbaz “Yoter Chazak” (Stronger)

Lyrics: Shachar Hadar
Composition: Elnatan Shalom
Sound Recording: Gad Elbaz