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Duvid'l - Mah Ahavti

Duvid’l – Mah Ahavti (Official Audio)

Duvid’l is no stranger to the Jewish music industry. For the past few years Duvid’l has been a regular on the live music simcha scene all across the world.
Mah Ahavti is the NEW DEBUT SINGLE from his forthcoming album of original material.

You’re sure to be inspired when you hear this love song to the Torah in Duvidl’s smooth and pure voice.

Composed and Performed by- “Duvid’l” Ziff
Arranged/Mixed/Mastered- V-Gold Beat Production



***Take the Mah Ahavti video challenge***

These days, new music videos come out every single day. Rather than adding my own, I decided on a brand new approach ~ I WANT YOU TO BE THE MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCER! Simply record the chorus or the whole song and post it to any form of social media or youtube. Make sure to tag me and use the Hashtag #MahAhavti so I can find and share it. I hope to see beautiful videos from all around the world. I can’t wait to see what videos you will create for #MahAhavti