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Soul II Soul 5779: A SMASHING SUCCESS! [Photo Gallery]

This past Sunday night, Chasdei Soul II Soul a Crown Heights based organization who helps parents of children with special needs within the CH community, put on the show of a lifetime starring international superstars: Yishai Lapidot with Oif Simchas, 8th Day and Eli Marcus. This is the 17th annual concert presented by Soul II Soul, and as the audience made their way home, fans were saying it was their best yet.

The show, produced by Mendy Baron of MLP and directed by Davidi Crombie, defiantly took things to the next level of concert production. The show also moved locations from the usual location of the Brooklyn School of Music in Crown Height to the state of the art theater at Master Theater in Brighton Beach.

Eli Marcus hot of the release of his new album Yogati opened up the show performing two of the hits songs off the new album Chelek Sheli and Yogati. Then it was time for Yishai Lapidot and Oif Simchas to return to the stage. This was their first performance in NYC in 10 years!!! Its truly amazing how some of these songs are between 20-25 years old, but the music, energy and dancing hold up to everything 2019. They performed their classic hit songs Ami Yisrael Chai/Od Avinu Chai and Alo Yeled with most people in the audience mouthing every single word.

Next it was time for 8th Day. Brothers Bentsi & Shmuel Marcus walked on stage joined by world renowned violinist Asher Laub as they performed Bring It Home off their new album Stronger Closer. With Laub at the helm, they re-created that unique sound of the first track on their new album and it was magical. From there, they went into a medley of classic 8th Day songs including, Tracht Gut, To The Dance Floor Mazel Tov (T.T.D.F.) and Cheery Bim. It reminded us all that this dynamic duo has been around since the early 2000′s. They went on to performing their hit songs Moses In Me, Sameach Tesamach, and Inner Flame finishing their set and that was intermission.

After intermission, Shmuly Goldman talked a little about the mission of Chasdei Soul II Soul which is helping children with special needs make their dreams come true. He then introduced us to his son Chaim Goldman and his wife Tamar who told the audience about their long journey of growth in special schools and camps, and how her dream came true when she met Chaim and they were married. Chaim thanked everyone who supports education of children with special needs, for the impact it has had on his life.

Then it was back to the music. Composer and singer Yishai Lapidot walked onto the stage and performed his hit song originally recorded by Avraham Fried titled Aleh Katan. It was amazing to see everyone in the audience singing along, however many didn’t know that the song was Yishai’s composition. Next Yishai called Eli Marcus to join him in singing the Matt Dubb hit song Adama which Yishai covered himself. The place was on fire. From there it was back to Oif Simchas with a dance medley dedicated to Mendy Baron and his wife. Then it finally came, the moment we were waiting for. Yishai Lapidot, Oif Simchas and 20 children who were invited onto stage, singing and dancing choreography taught to them by Yishai, Dor Metzuyan.

8th Day came back on stage and invited Eli Marcus and Yishai to join them singing the Soul II Soul song written by Shmuly Goldman. For the finale the entire cast performed 8th Day‘s hit song Ya’alili. It was defiantly a concert for the books featuring dazzling light shows, huge video screens, and breathtaking pyrotechnic displays.

Photos by: Baruch Ezagui


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