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Zusha | Chanukah is Here | TYHNation

Illuminating the world effectively begins inwards, ensuring that our home is shining through and through. Chanukah is etymologically related to the hebrew word for education (chinuch). There is nothing more powerful than the education which takes place at home. No matter how brilliant the school system, kids learn the most from their home. As Chanukah comes, we refocus our efforts to kindle flames of faith to illuminate our home and infuse our home with the warmth of holiness and Yiddishkeit. These flickering flames we put by the window for all the world to see, were lit in the intimacy of the home to teach us: You want to make the world a better place? Make your home a better place. Make sure that even if “it’s dark outside”, “it’s light in here”. “Thank You Hashem” because finally, finally – “Chanukah is here”!!!

Filmed by: Shimmy Socol
Producer: Jon Seale
Composed by: Blumstein Brothers
Post Production by Shimmy Socol
Mixed/Mastered: Jeremy Mcdonald
Special thank you to C Lanzbom of Sherwood Ridge Studios
Sponsored by SPS Community Solutions