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Zusha – Biglal Avos

Track 01 off the album ‘Cave of Healing’…..

This song was written for Shlomo’s father while he was in the hospital. While this song has taken on new meaning since his passing, it’s original intention remains true.

Fathers are just the most gevald – they’re strong and courageous. They’re brave and unrelenting. Especially Shlomo’s father ob”m, who was mamesh a true spiritual warrior, devoted to his family and faith in Hashem, pure and gentle, yet exuding quiet strength. We offer this song as a dedication to all loving fathers out there: Past, present, and future. We love and appreciate you!

Artwork/Design: Annita Soble
Mixing/Mastering: Jacob Blumberg
Keys: Andrew Freedman
Strings: Russell Durham
Engineer: Jon Seale

For further context and background about the lyrics of this song:
These words derive from the final verse of traditional “piyutei ha’geula” – a series of liturgical poems written for morning prayers on Passover, the festival of redemption. These words are ascribed to Rabbi Shlomo HaBavli of 10th-century Italy, his student Rabbi Meshullam of Italy, as well as Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi of Spain. This prayer is commonly sung at Chassidic courts when conducting Passover ’tisch’ and these lyrics may also be heard during the festive meal celebrating the circumcision of a jewish baby boy.