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“Oh My Precious Sukka” By Rabbi Yosef (Yoey) Muchnik

Rabbi Yosef (Yoey) Muchnik, the Rebbe’s shliach to Camarillo, California, and a popular musician and singer/songwriter, has released a new original music video in time for Sukkos, “Oh My Precious Sukkah.”
The super-catchy song is accompanied by fun and at times hilarious footage. Whether Yoey is becoming entangled in his pop-up Sukkah on the beach, entertaining family and guests in an elegant home Sukkah, or conducting the lively boys and girls of Lamplighters Jewish Academy, he exudes the joy of the Yom Tov.
Watch this appealing video just once and you’ll be humming “My Precious Sukkah” for the rest of the day. This video achieves the rare quality of appealing to children without grating on their parents’ nerves, and entertaining parents without boring the children. In other words, perfect for the entire family!

“Oh My Precious Sukkah”
Composed & Performed by Yoey Muchnik Produced by Bentzi Marcus
Video by Mendel Katz & Craft Motion Films