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Doniel Daitchman- Kaveh (Official Music Video)

Kaveh” the second release from the new artist Doniel Daitchman, is a song for us to draw strength from as we deal with our daily struggles and challenges.  Life is a constant fight and the reality is that we need to turn to the One who gives us these challenges and beseech Him for help.

Written and Composed by Doniel Daitchman

Song Produced by A.L. Aronzon

Video Produced by Vincline [email protected]

Video Directed by Yonatan Vinnik

Song cover art by Yonah Laster

Guitar Solo by Joshua Greenberg

Skateboarder: Yochanan Mursky

The Kollel Band:

A.L Aronzon (piano)

Moshe Finegold (guitar)

Nechemia Hollander (drums)

Joshua Greenberg (electric guitar)

Ron Borisovsky (cello)


A big thank you to RAJE Philly!

#DonielDaitchman is currently a part of a Kollel in Somerton, Philadelphia where he is fortunate to have the opportunity inspire many people of all ages within his community and beyond. Doniel has been composing and performing his original compositions for audiences of all backgrounds and looks forward to releasing more of his music for all to enjoy.

For any questions or bookings please contact Doniel at [email protected]

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