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Danny Palgon – Together ft. Farhi [Official Music Video]

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. It can feel like we are farther apart and more disconnected than ever. We cannot forget that our strength comes when we value and support each other. It is our sincere hope that we all find it within us to try and see the good in one another, look past our differences, and come together.

Produced by Shua Sorscher
Mix and Mastered by Shua Sorscher
Melody and Lyrics: Danny Palgon

Special thanks to my wife Devorah for… everything



Some say we’re different,
We’re not the same
But I’m here to tell you something,
That’s not the case

All that’s between us,
Can be described
As beautiful differences,
But they can’t divide

Another day,
Another chance
To realize and understand,
We’re better off together.

We’re better off as one,
That’s what makes us strong.
While we may feel far apart,
We’re better off as one.

We’re better off as one,
When we all feel loved,
We may not see eye to eye,
But we’re better off as one.

We’re not so different
We’re all the same.

May come from different places,
May have different names,

But what truly matters
What makes us thrive

Is knowing our differences,
While we still unite.


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