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Chief Chazzan Chaim Adler & His Son Yisrael Adler Plead “Rachmeinu Tatte”!

A heartrending duet of father and son entreating together in these Yamim Noraim: “Im K’vanim Rachmeinu, Tatte, K’rachem Av Al Banim.”

The cantors’ song is based on the well-known prayer, “Hayom Haras Oilam,” that is recited after shofar-blowing during malchiyos, zichronos, and shofros in the chazzan’s repetition of Mussaf on Rosh Hashanah.

This stirring composition was written by Chazzan Moshe Oysher and adapted as a cantorial masterpiece by chief Chazzan Chaim Adler, presented with his son Yisrael Adler, the world-class Malchus choir, musician and arranger Pinchas Bichler, talented pianist Yehudah Galili, and chassidic violinist Shimi Weizhandler.

The video was staged by Hershy Segal at the Poupko home in Jerusalem and produced by Leiby Sharansky.
Rachmeinu Tatte

Chief chazzan Chaim Adler and son Yisrael Adler
Composition: Moshe Oysher
Choir: Malchus
Musical Arrangement & keyboard: Yehudah Galili
Violin: Shimi Weizhandler
Mix: Chaim Moses
Recording: Refael Biberfeld, Michael Weinberger
Digital & PR: Bahazit