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Ari Goldwag – Ah Ahalela feat. Nesanel Life [Official Music Video]

Ah Ahalela” is part of a 15 song album entitled “Yesh Li Hakol.”

Yehuda goes on an adventure to find a shining butterfly, and in the process comes across shimmering caterpillars and beautiful forests that brighten his day, and that of all those around him, including his friend Tzvi, and his father, Dr. Rudy.

Video Credits:
Produced by Ari Goldwag & Sarah Gordon
Written & Directed by Sarah Gordon
Videography by Vann Visuals (Yirmi Vann)
Video Editing by Ari Goldwag
Special Effects – Irakli Zurabishvili

Dr. Mitch and Yehuda Rudy
Tzvi Goldwag

Thank you to Dov Gordon, RBS Clinic
Thank you to Ezra Rudy for technical assistance
Thank you to the Crowdfunders who made this video possible

Song Credits:
Music Composed by: Nesanel Life
Music Production: Killian Cruiser
Vocal Mix: Trey Vittetoe
Vocals Recorded at G-Wag Studios, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

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