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TZIVOS HASHEM – THE DOUBLE EVENT: Celebrating 40 Years Of Music With AVRAHAM FRIED & His Nephews

Tzivos Hashem is celebrating 40 years since the Rebbe founded Tzivos Hashem for every Jewish child, the world over.

Jewish music fans are celebrating 40 years of Avraham Fried‘s music.

A Magnificent evening will bring together the impact of Tzivos Hashem and the best of Avraham Fried.

Watch the Double Event LIVE at

Event #1: Sunday. 24 Adar 2 I March 27 – 40 years of Avraham Fried & 40 Years of Tzivos Hashem

Event #2: Sunday, 2 Nissan I April 3 – The international Chidon Championship and Siyum Mitzvos.

For The First Time In The US!

Celebrating 40 Years Of Music With

and his nephews, Benny Friedman, Shmuel & Bentzi Marcus, Simche Friedman and Eli Marcus

Music by the Mendy Hershkowitz Band

Sunday at 6:00pm
March 27 – 24 Adar Beis