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Roei Cohen - Meheira Yishama

Roei Cohen – Meheira Yishama

Singer Roei Cohen is releasing his debut single Meheira Yishama in anticipation of the new wedding season. The song is produced and arranged by the maestro Udi Damari. Musical Arrangement and Production: Udi Damari Drums: Barak Ben Tzur Bass: Guy Dan Guitars: Avi Singolda Keyboards and background sounds: Udi Damari[…]

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Mishel Pardes - Bemotzaei Yom Menucha

Mishel Pardes – Bemotzaei Yom Menucha

Mishel Pardes is releasing another new single from his upcoming album that he is working on. The song is called Bemotzaei Yom Menucha. Mishel composed the song which was arranged by guitarist Avi Singolda who produced Mishel’s previous two albums.    

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Shneur Sadon - Pashut Anashim - Cover

Shneur Sadon – Pashut Anashim Cover

Newcomer Shneur Sadon of Paris, France just released his first cover. The song he chose was the widely popular Pashut Anashim recorded by Avraham Fried off his latest album “The Israeli Album – Kama Tov Shenifgashnu.” The song was written and composed by the talented Udi Damari. Shneur was so[…]

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Sheya ft Tuli – OK

Sheya Bernstein from England and Tuli Brull of NY have been friends a long time. Even though they live on opposite coasts, their love of music has brought them together. The considered starting a group called “LDR” Long Distance Relationship, as they live so far from one another. The discuss[…]

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Matt Dubb - Heilig feat. Worch

Matt Dubb – Heilig (feat. Worch)

Behind the making of this record… About two years back I started working on this track based on my influences from music producer Tim Bergling AKA Avicii. He was one of the main reasons I began producing electronic music. His music inspired/influenced me which words can not. When I heard[…]

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